There are close to 230 IPHC thriving Churches throughout the Ukraine with almost 20,000 members. Our work there is under the leadership of Bishop Valerii Reshetinsky, who holds a PHD in Sonar Science. After the fall of communism Bishop Valerii started a small church that reached out into every level of the community and was established as a ministry that cares for the whole man.
Today there are over 20 different outreaches, including a large Drug Rehab program with over 90% success rate that even the government has admitted they can’t duplicate. Now, because of the war with Russia, they are in DEEP trouble and NEED OUR HELP!
The International Pentecostal Holiness Church is appealing to its churches for EMERGENCY/IMMEDIATE HELP so we can send help for our brothers and sisters that are stuck somewhere. We can help by not only praying, but by being the hands and feet of Jesus to assist financially. Will you give sacrificially to this worthy cause for all of life’s necessities; food, clothing, heat etc.? So many of our brothers and sisters have nothing left but barely the clothes on their backs. Let us arise to the challenge!