The Sanctuary Choir is composed of a variety of people utilizing their talents as musicians and vocalists, with ages ranging from thirteen and up.  The choir works closely with our Pastor in ministry throughout the year.  During each Sunday morning service, we lead in congregational worship and minister with special songs.  Praise teams, along with various soloists and ensembles provide special music for the evening service.

Our purpose is to worship the Lord with our whole hearts and lives.  God has placed a particular calling in the hearts of those who participate in this ministry to lead and encourage others to worship in this same way.  Our prayer is that through this ministry, souls will be drawn by the Holy Spirit to accept Jesus Christ and to live for Him in a intimate relationship.

Anyone who is interested in becoming a member of the Sanctuary Choir should prayerfully consider becoming a part of this ministry.  Then, contact Pastor Errett Marshburn to set up a time for interview and audition.


Below is The Kinston First Pentecostal Holiness Church Musical Project (BECAUSE OF MERCY)

To listen simply click on the play button below to hear each track.

BECAUSE OF MERCY (KFPH Choir with special guests The Mt. Olive 1




Prospective choir members should be able to match a pitch, but does not necessarily be a great soloist.  It takes a diversity of people and gifting to make up the ministry of the choir.  Some are gifted as soloists, encouragers, intercessors, etc.  No one member is more important than another; but all of these people work together in our choir to form one ministry team for God. (Romans 12:6, 1 Peter 4:10)


The leading of the Holy Spirit is the most important factor in what you should be doing for God.  There are many ministries within our church; therefore, each individual must discover his or her gifts and seek God’s direction in how to utilize these for His glory.  It is only in knowing that He has led you into this ministry that you will be able to commit yourself to it. (Proverbs 4:11, Psalm 32:8)


As a member of the choir, there are rehearsals, sound checks, meetings, and various activities to be attended.  These are necessary in our preparation and function as a ministry team.  Remember, it’s not just the talent, but it’s the spirit also which we’re seeking; and faithfulness is a priority. (1 Corinthians 4:2)




– As soon as we’re finished brining the New Year in, we immediately look toward the Easter season.  Generally, we join our Pastor to present an illustrated sermon on Easter Morning, featuring special singing and dramatization.


– Depending on the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we annually alternate a large-scale theaterical production portraying the birth of Jesus (or His entire life), featuring choir and cast in biblical costumes and settings, with Christmas concerts featuring top Christian artists and plenty of glittering decorations.


– During the course of the year we try to plan community outreach singings or activities to minister to those outside of our church family.  These include ministry at: community events, revivals and camp meetings and local institutions.
For more information about the Music Ministry and how you can be a part contact Pastor Errett Marshburn by email: