Women’s Ministries



Being involved in Women’s Ministry will give you the chance to connect to God through His Word and to each other through shared hearts, laughter and tears. God created us to live life in relationship – to Him and to each other. A friend brings out your very best by encouraging you, challenging you and comforting when you need it most. Women’s Ministry is a place where you are free to be yourself as you experience the miracle of God’s transforming love. Consider joining one of the following Ministry Circles:  
      Circle 1 – World Outreach Ministry with emphasis on Missions
      Circle 2 – A Child’s Heart Ministry with emphasis on Falcon Children’s Home
      Circle 3 – God’s Warriors & Prayer Ministry with emphasis on Christian Education
      Circle 4 – God’s Heart Ministry with emphasis on Alternatives to Abortion
      Circle 5 – Next Generation Ministry with emphasis to young women/teens/adults.   
      Circle 7 – God’s Hands Extended Ministry with emphasis on Local & Church Projects.            Girl’s Ministry with emphasis on Women mentoring Young Girls.
For more information in how you can be a part of Women’s Ministries please contact Mrs. Christy Daniels by email: christynashdaniels@gmail.com


Through study of God’s Word, prayer, training and fellowship, North Carolina Women’s Ministries will be an organization which connects women of all ages and diverse cultures by helping them cultivate positive relationships, celebrate what God is doing in and through them, and create opportunities for them to fulfill their destiny.
“Changed women changing the world.”