“God’s Not Dead 2

On Sunday night August 7th we as a church watched the movie “God’s Not Dead 2”. The movie expresses how our freedom to express our faith in God is under fire! 


When a high school teacher is asked a question in class about Jesus, her response lands her in deep trouble.


It is an excellent movie. A lot of the people that have wrote reviews are wrong, Christians are facing persecution for their faith. That is shown at the end of the movie giving a list in the end credits of true stories of Christian persecution. I feel the low rating to this movie is due to some atheists writing a review or people that aren’t understanding the end times we are living in. People have gotten in trouble for even saying a prayer or bringing a bible to school. So to say this story is irrelevant or is not happening, is ridiculous. There even has been some talk in headlines that the government is trying to control what pastors preach in their sermons. And we see this issue discussed in the movie. So this movie is what is happening in real life, among christians. And the whole point of the movie is to let others know, God is not dead. Keep your faith. God will bless those that stand up for their faith and don’t compromise because the world wants them to.
Author: tracieandkyle
17 August 2016